CoMet Toolkit presented at Living Planet Symposium

A Poster on the CoMet toolkit is presented during day 4 of the Living Planet Symposium.

ESA’s Living Planet Symposium (LPS) is amongst the biggest Earth observation (EO) conferences in the world. There has been a growing interest in the EO comunity towards using approached from metrology (the measurement of science) to better quantify the uncertainties and error-correlation information on satellite and in-situ EO data. Having accurate uncertainties is paramount for making these data reliable, interpretable and actionable, which is key in understanding and reducing climate change. The CoMet poster being presented at LPS will provide a first introduction to our new toolkit, which aims to enable easier handling of covariance information. The 2022 LPS will be held at the World Conference Center, in Bonn, Germany on 23-27 May 2022. It promises to be bigger and wider ranging than ever before. We look forward to discussing our tools with such an extensive audience.

Pieter De Vis
Pieter De Vis
Senior Research Scientist, NPL

Pieter works in the Climate and Earth Observation Group at the UK’s National Physical Laboratory. His expertise lies in atmospheric correction, the propagation of uncertainties through a measurement function, and uncertainties in model fitting.